Frequently Asked Questions

To update your password, please visit your user profile, and then click on login details.

You may view all your certificates by clicking on your user profile then on "My Certificates". There is a download link for each certificate you have obtained.

The ATO may require us to report details trustees who are undertaking this course as a result of ATO Education Directive.

Please refer to the SMSF Association's privacy policy.

Yes, successfully completing all the modules plus the quiz at the end of this course will generate a completion certificate which will be issued to the email address that you provided upon registration.

Generally, the program will be updated as required in response to any legislative changes. It will also be reviewed every six months to ensure it retains currency.

Yes. Please provide the appropriate acknowledgements to the SMSF Association as the program owners.

We advise you to double check you are using an up-to-date version of your browser as using out-dated versions of some browsers, such as Internet Explorer, can limited functionality. The recommended browser for this program is Firefox.

There is no time limit to complete the program once you have started. However, if you are completing this course as a result of an education direction from the ATO, you need to be aware that you must comply with that direction or you will be personally liable for an administrative penalty of $850.

Approximately 2-3 hours depending on your level of knowledge and expertise.

The program consists of 8 modules with short quizes at the end of each module, then one longer end of program quiz. You can pause and return to the course if required.